Japanese Modern Furniture

「MARUICHI home」 is a sofa brand that values Japanese culture and craftsmanship. For more than 70 years, Maruichi Selling, which has its head office and factory in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, which is one of Japan's leading heavy snowfall areas, and is particular about manufacturing using craftsmanship, is doing it.

What we value is to reconsider the unique culture of Japan and envision "a form of relaxation" based on the excellent wisdom and technology of our predecessors. It is to reflect this in the manufacturing of high-quality and sophisticated designs without imposing a burden on people or the global environment.

Maruichi Selling's long-lasting, comfortable, and safe manufacturing spirit is not only for Japan, where the DNA was born, but we would like to convey it to countries around the world.

Maruichi Selling Co., Ltd.

MARUICHI technology

「MARUICHI home」is produced in two factories by combining the skills of Maruichi Sailing's skilled craftsmen and machines such as automatic cutting.One building is a urethane processing factory, which is the cornerstone of sofas, and the other building is a factory that handles everything from wooden frames to final finishing.

At these factories, we have a compact and well-balanced production line, where we use the time-consuming manual labor of our craftsmen and the efficient production using the latest machine technology.

The exquisite balance between the fusion of craftsmanship, which we cherish in manufacturing, and efficient machinery, is the base of quality, sophistication, relaxation, and function, which are the basic elements of 「MARUICHI home」.


Overseas Specifications

「MARUICHI home」 is a chic modern furniture that creates a "comfortable time that flows slowly like a hote lounge".


Products sold in Japan can be selected in terms of wood material and color to meet various trends due to their marketability. However, 「MARUICHI home」 which is being rolled out overseas, inherits the high-quality and sophisticated relaxing style, but by limiting the specifications, we will realize a refined atmosphere that is Japanese and tasteful.

The wooden base will be based on a calm dark color with a black matte finish of oak, and the fabric will be neutral and create a high-quality adult atmosphere. Different materials such as Japanese paper, glass, and steel are used as accents to create a well-balanced space


Accessory Decorations

The charm of 「MARUICHI home」 is the preparation of its exhibition space. In overseas development, we will produce a space of wabi and sabi that makes use of traditional Japanese clothing.

Lighting through washi paper unique to Japan, panels inspired by lattices, cushions and accessories that decorate sofas, etc., will produce simple modern Japanese furniture that cannot be found in other countries.